Couldn't attend the conference? We provided live streaming during the conference and offer the videos on-demand now.


You can see all videos of the talks on our ustream page or you can watch only the Design Track (Room HSR) or the Tech Track (Room AdNovum). Enjoy!

Besides that some of our speakers have put their slides online for you:

Rachel Andrew
Pushing the Boundaries without Breaking the Web

Memi Beltrame
UX: No Design without Research

Sascha Corti
From a signpost to your screen – The new Microsoft design language

Nellie LeMonier
The Un-Researched Persona

Massimiliano Marcon
How late is later? A lazy loading solution on the edge between very clever and incredibly mad.

Andre Jay Meissner
Mobile Web Testing & Debugging Best Practices (pre #fec12 version)

Denys Mishunov
Science of Design

Philipp Schroeder
Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping - How to Be Agile and Avoid Half-Baked User Experience

Stoyan Stefanov
JavaScript performance patterns

Karolina Szczur
The Pursuit of Simplicity

Rosmarie Wysseier & Thomas Jaggi
Frontend development in complex projects